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  Our mission is to provide a clean, safe and welcoming venue to the community which, through its facilities and activities, allows people to learn and develop skills, socialise and gain friendships.  
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Open Mic Night

2nd Sunday of the Month

Your Host - Kevin Lawrence

When and Where

Open Mic Night is held in the Lounge Bar at the Community Centre (directions) every 2nd Sunday of the Month (subject to Bank Holidays) from October until May. The next few events will be held on:
Back in October
  • No Nov OMN
  • Sun 8th Dec 13
  • No Jan OMN
  • Sun 9th Feb 14
  • Sun 9th Mar 14
  • Sun 14th Apr 14
  • Sun 11th May 14

The Lounge (and Bar) open at 7:30pm and performers are encouraged to arrive early (certainly before 8pm). We we wlll be organised to sort out running order slots around 7:45pm with the first act on at 8pm (First come - first served). We allow 15min per slot (MAX), but short sets are fine, so we have a nominal 10 slots for the evening, but book up 14 slots, noting those is slots 10-14 may not get to perform - depending on run time. Generally we plan to finish around 10:30pm to allow us to clear away the PA system before the centre closes. (Bar closes at 11pm).

Just turn up and have a go!

When you arrive the host for the evening will (normally) be Kevin, there will be a list of 14 performing slots (nominally 15 mins) on the board, so please sign up for a slot of our choice (if a slot isn't filled we will just move to the next - so timings will be approximate). After the initial allocation peformers can sign up for a second set (vacant slot). Also remember some of the later slots may not perform, they are there to allow for earlier acts to be shorter than 15 mins. Slots 2, 3 and 4 will (on initial allocation only) be for youth performers (under 16yrs of age) who may split their slots into two 8 min slots.

The 15 mins includes change over time before you play.

What? to perform is really open to you. We encourage Poetry, Song, Music and Comedy - but we do insist that all material is appropriate for a family audience with young children throughout the evening.

Participants are encouraged to read the Rules below as well as those on the Sign up Sheet. We appreciate Feedback, which is also covered in the Rules below.

The Technical Stuff

On the technical side, the techie will (normally) be Kevin. We provide a PA system, two active full-range speakers and two sub-bass speakers (600w each), as well as three SM58 vocal mics and stands, two instrument mics (and stand) and two active DI boxes. This is supported by a mixing desk, effects unit and 31-band Eq etc. In addition we have two monitor speakers on stage. See schematic for more info - we also have a music stand!
Where possible all vocals and instruments will be feed through the PA system - it is unlikely individual amplfiers will be needed - we have proven guitars (inc bass) and keyboards through the PA system - though will mic guitar amps if needed. We will also support "backing tracks" if you bring them on MP3 players, mobile phones etc (3.5mm jack connection); in addition backing tracks on CD are also fine. Contact klawrence@hanhamcentre.org for more information. Lighting is currently 6 LED parcans on stage - and we now have two LED front lights as well.

Photo Gallery

Jess (Oct 13)

Jess (Oct 13)


Jake & Lauren

Jess and Charlie




Richard and Laura






Charlie and Jess

Helen and Hilary






Laura and Richard




Molly and Bailey


Andy and Claire

Dan and Aaron


The Small Print (a few simple rules)

1. By performing, all performers accepts the organisers will take photos which could be displayed on this (and other) websites and facebook sites for publicity purposes (this may include short video clips onto youtube). If you do not want you photos on our website or facebook please let us know when booking in (at each OMN). As other performers may take photos you may wish to announce this also at the start of your slot (at each OMN) - as we will not be held liable for what other performers post on-line. We may also take "room panoramas" of OMN on occasion for the website, which you may be in - though not necessarily performing.

2. The organiser reserve the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule Open Mic Night, and this webpage will be the main source of information.

3. Should there be any issues or argument over perfomances, slots etc the organisers decision is final.

4. Similarly, if there any issues or arguments over sound, microphones, mix, volume etc the Techies decision is final.

5. Any person using unsuitable language will be asked to alter their behaviour or performance material - any re-offending will be asked to leave.

6. Particpants and audience members are expected to support all acts whilst they are performing - this means no excessively loud talking etc, and not leaving after you have performed.

7. Performance slots. We wlll be organised to sort out running order slots around 7:45pm and as such performers are encourage to arrive well before 8pm - the first act is on at 8pm. We allow 15min per slot (MAX), but short sets are fine, so we have a nominal 9-10 slots for the evening, but book up 14 slots, noting those in slots 10-14 may not get to perform. Depending on how many performers are present for a given OMN, slots may be available for a second set. If really quiet these may be issued earlier (at or just after 8pm), but will normally (especially if busy) not be filled until after most of the initial acts have perfomed (i.e at the first break). Latecomers are unlikely to get an early slot and may not get to perform at all (if in later slots).

8. Slots 2, 3 and 4 will (on initial allocation only) be for Youth performers (under 16 years of age), who may split their slot into two 8 min slots, and as such may appear in a later slot. Youth performers may (of course) choose another slot.

9. The organiser will include at least one break, nominally after slot 5 for 5-10 mins. However, the organiser may include additional and/or longer breaks depending on the number of patrons/performers etc. The evening will nominally close at 10:30pm (with the last slot at 10:15pm). However the organiser may close the evening earlier (with no second sets), or may extend the evening to accommodate a larger number wishing to perform - this will be with a last performance at 10:45pm and a close at 11pm - this is likely to only occur on "special" OMN evenings.

10. Performers are responsible for the electrical safety of any equipment brought into the centre. HCC power sockets are protected by 30mA RCDs. Any equipment tripping the supply will not be reconnected.

11. Feedback. We encourage feedback from performers and audience members; this is normally best done via email after a OMN - followed up if needed. We discourage those who feedback comments through third party website, as it does not easily lead to a resolution or improvement.
We encourage Feedback which may be:
  • Complementary - There is a fair bit of work to maintain the website, advertising and display posters for OMN, as well as get all the equipment out, set up, sound check and putting it all away again. As such, any positive feedback is always much appreciated - but sadly is normally the form least forthcoming. Follow up unlikely - though anonymous comments may appear here.
  • Comments (or Suggestions) - Any suggestions on advertising, equipment, layout, frequency of the OMN is always welcome and will be considered. Follow up queries may come back.
  • Complaints - If you were unhappy about something then do get in touch - normally by email after an event. This can also be about anything - order of play, slot allocation, sound levels, etc. Follow up discussion and queries are likely to come back.
We will normally respond to third party Feedback (to the third party source), but discourage this form of feedback, and would much prefer direct feedback to the organisers - after an event (see rules 3 and 4).

12. Participation is also subject to compliance with the Community Centre General Rules (also available on the Centre website) and aspects of the Terms and Conditions of Use/Hire.

13. The currently enforced Rules (or Terms and Conditions) for participation in OMN will be displayed here, and revised and amended as needed by the organiser. If anything is not clear, then please feed this back to us.

Revised: Oct 2013

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